5 Sites Every Kindle Owner Will Love

Every kindle owner knows that kindles are awesome.   They serve many purposes.  For one, they allow you to carry an entire library with you wherever you go.  Even better, they help the planet - there are less trees being cut down due to the nifty kindle.  They speak for themselves.  Kindles really are pretty impressive.

But do you sometimes feel that you’re not really getting the most out of your kindle? Or you haven’t had the chance to sit down and work out which third-party sites work best with your kindle. Well look no further.  There are plenty of useful sites out there that will help to maximize your kindle experience every time.  

reddit kindle


If you love Reddit and your kindle, then you are in luck.  This subreddit forum is a fountain of kindle-related wisdom, and  will keep you up-to-date with anything and everything to do with your favourite ereader.  It answers nearly every kindle-related question out there.  Want to know more about the kindle before you buy it?  Or which kindle is it that gets the best reviews?  Or, maybe check out the latest What are you currently reading? thread.  Join in on a post, or create your own.  What I like most about this forum is that the participants are well-informed, tech-minded and friendly.  There are 58.5K partakers signed up for this kindle community.  Spend any amount of time on this site and you'll be all the wiser for it.



Instapaper is all about making life easier.  Basically, it allows you to send web articles, videos and even long emails directly to your kindle. How many times have you browsed over an interesting article yet haven't had time to read it?  Well, Instapaper will store all your fave articles and videos in one place, for when you do have free time.  You can also download the app, and save web content directly from your phone.  This site has many tricks up it's sleeve.  You can highlight text from your articles, share links to Facebook, Twitter etc - and even archive your web content.  To me, Instapaper really is like the Marie Kondo of web information - it's all about organisation.

book lending


Book Lending is a clever site that, as it's blurb states..."matches lenders and borrowers of kindle ebooks".  If you didn't already know, Amazon released a feature back in 2010 that allows kindle users to lend and borrow ebooks for a 14 day period - free of charge.  As this service supports Amazon's ebook-lending feature, it is risk free. There is a search function that allows you to find a particular title.  Amazon book ratings are displayed, which makes choosing books a lot simpler.  This is a nifty website that can help to save you time and money.

The Kindle Chronicles


Way back since 2008, The Kindle Chronicles podcast has been exploring the world of kindles, books and the Amazon cosmos.  Just browse through it's archives to find a wealth of kindle-related information.  For each podcast episode, a different guest is interviewed.  Big names have been drawn to TKC, such as Margaret Atwood and Jeff Bezos - just to name a couple.  But just as interesting as the guests are - is the man behind the podcast itself, Len Edgerly.  An ex-Harvard scholar, Len once founded a non-profit which saw him distribute over 1000 new and used kindles to U.S. soldiers on active duty overseas.  It's his passion for the kindle that makes this a worthy podcast to listen out for.



Have you ever wanted to import an ebook to your Kindle, yet it doesn't come in a kindle-friendly file format?  Well look no further.  Online-Converter will convert one format to another for you - all with the click of a button.  It's a free service, and pretty simple to use.  This site supports many different formats, including PDF, ePub, HTML, LIT, LRF, mobi and more.  Even if you know nothing at all about ebook file formats, you need not worry.   The converter will let you know what file formats your particular kindle device supports.  With Online-Converter, there are no limits to what you can read on your kindle.

These are just some of the kindle-friendly websites out there, there are many more to discover.  

Keep exporting your kindle highlights + happy reading :)

Liz - from The Clippings Team

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