6 Online Book Clubs To Check Out

Contrary to popular belief, book clubs these days are actually pretty cool.  Why, you ask? Because they are online.  This means that you can partake in a thought-provoking book discussion from the comfort of your bed  - whilst simultaneously sipping a hot chocolate, or wine!  What's not to like?  Not only that, but online book clubs keep you up-to-date with the latest page-turner books.  You'll never be left wondering what to read next.   And best of all, you can find a book club to suit your particular interests.  If you love history, join the History Book Club.  You get the drift.  There is a book club out there to suit every reader.  With so many good choices, it's just a matter of which one to choose.

Between Two Books


Between Two Books was created by the very talented Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine.  This is a Facebook book club, whereby Florence picks popular fiction titles/poetry to read.  Afterwards, everyone gets together to discuss the themes of the books.  Florence also hosts regular meet-ups for authors and fellow book-clubbers to come together.

The History Book Club

If history is your thing, then you've found the perfect group.  Not only is this the largest history group on Goodreads, but it boasts members from over 171 countries. Join topics that interest you.  From the Korean War to the 1971 Attica Prison Uprising in NY state, there is much to be learnt.  This is a great space to read and talk about your favourite subjects and books.

Andrew Luck Book Club


Not only an avid reader, but Andrew Luck is a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.  His passion is to bring together a team of readers of all ages.  Each month, Andrew recommends 2 books, 1 for young 'Rookie' readers and another for older 'Veteran' readers.  The beauty of this club is you don't even need to sign up.  Simply read the recommended book and then use #ALBookClub on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to join up and discuss the books with fellow readers.  You can also tune into his Podcast where he interviews authors and more.

Free Minds Book Club


Free Minds Book Club is not your usual type of book club.  It's more of a movement that you can help to support.  Created 20 years ago in a D.C. jail - this book club supports incarcerated prisoners who love to write.  Most importantly, it provides them with a space safe in which they can express their feelings - something that is normally unachievable in a prison setting.  You can provide feedback to the prisoners on their pieces of writing, donate money or books.  Be sure to check out the club's Poetry Blog too, it's inspirational to say the least.

Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club


If you want to know what everyone else is reading and loving, than this book club is a winner.  In this group you will read all the winners of the Goodreads Choice Awards.  The Choice Awards are nominated by Goodreads readers through a system of votes.  Winners of the Choice Award literally are the ultimate fan-favourite books.  Read away and join discussions with fellow book lovers.

Book Of The Month


If you don't have time to keep up with the latest books, then this book club may be just the thing for you.  For a US$14.99 monthly subscription you are presented with 5 wow-worthy books - of which you choose 1, and it is delivered straight to your front door.  These monthly book selections are then posted to the club's Instagram page along with guest posts and other great stuff.  If you live outside of the USA, you can still join in the group's discussions and keep up-to-date with the latest reads.

I hope there was something there for everyone.  Just remember to export your Kindle highlights - that way you keep them in a safe place.

Happy Reading :)

Liz - The Clippings Team

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