5 Books To Read In September

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There’s nothing that makes me happier than the end of Winter (woohoo) and the start of warm and rejuvenating Spring.  I try to enjoy winter, I do.  I cook soup, buy the latest puffer jacket and drink endless cups of caffeine.  But if I’m being really honest, the chilly weather has me in a state of constant gloom.  Thankfully, the recent glimpses of warm weather have made me want to turn over a new leaf.  Eat better.  Exercise more.  Meditate.  Be nicer.  Read more.  Yes, definitely read more!  

So in light of happier days ahead, I have compiled a book list that you may also want to tackle in September.  With so many good reads out there at the moment it was hard to choose.  A few of the books below are bestsellers.  The others...well, I have procrastinated on them long enough.  So here goes!

1)  The Price of Time, by Tim Tigner


There’s a reason why this is top of the list.  If fast-paced, psychological mystery thrillers are your thing, then this one's for you. The book’s middle theme poses one of humanities all time questions. “Would finding the Fountain of Youth be a blessing?” Characters, Zachery Chase and Skylar Fawkes take you on a whirlwind journey of secluded meetings, sudden disappearances, strange murders, secret agents and assassins.  The allure of this book is pure escapism.  But enough said already... I’ll let the rave reviews speak for themselves.  

2) Practical Meditation For Beginners: 10 Days To A Happier,       Calmer You, by Benjamin W Decker


For a more mindful month ahead, this book offers a step-by-step guide to help learn the basics of practical meditation in 10 days.  Ten different meditation techniques are taught, one for each of the 10 days.  Decker covers everything from body scans, walking meditations and how to build your own meditation routine.  For those new or new’ish to meditation like myself, this book seems like a good place to start.  It’s an added bonus too that it’s offered in Kindle Unlimited.

3) One Hundred Years Of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Every now and then I feel the need to read something penned by someone with extraordinary talent.  Well, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is that talent.  Apart from being world famous, his book is considered a daring and creative masterpiece of the 20th Century.  The story covers seven generations of the Buendia family, and of Macondo - the town they have built.  Faced with wars, devastations, miracles and wonders - the Buendia family unveil the unwavering beauty found in Colombian life.   Be warned, this book may not be for everyone.  Marquez blends the natural with the supernatural.  So if you enjoy a bit of the supernatural....then this book should guarantee a magical reading experience.

4) Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals For Everyone, by Jamie Oliver


Apparently Jamie Oliver put this book together 8 years ago....and then waited patiently until the vegetarian movement gained popularity.  Honest!  I'd say he timed his book's release perfectly.  After a winter of comfort food and hot chocolates - it's perfect timing for me.  This book has chapters on soups, tray bakes, pastas, noodles, burgers, brunch, curries and stew - plus more.  VEG promises to up your veggie intake and impress your taste buds.  As it's so new on the scene, I haven’t seen any reviews for it yet.  Though honestly,  there has yet to be a Jamie cook book that I haven’t loved - so I’m happy to take the gamble.

5) A Prayer For Owen Meany, by John Irving


This one’s been on my radar for a while.  Not long ago I read John Irving’s The World According To Garp, and it really stuck with me.  So the time feels right to add another John Irving classic to my list.  Eleven year old Owen Meany is playing Little League baseball in Gravesend, New Hampshire when he hits a foul ball and it kills his best friend’s mother.  What happens to Owen after that 1953 foul ball is both “extraordinary and terrifying.”  This book seems to have a bit of a cult following...as does all of John Irving's books.   Very touching reviews have been written in this book's honour.  Some say the characters “will stay with you forever.”

So happy reading everyone.   Please keep a lookout for our weekly newsletter that will be coming out shortly.  It will be full of all things Kindle related, including tips and tricks for exporting your favourite kindle highlights.

Bye for now :)

Liz - from the Clippings Team

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