Thank you Len Edgerly at 'The Kindle Chronicles'

It's been too long but for my first blog in a while I would to thank everyone who has provided feedback and testing for our new Google Chrome Extension .  I can honestly say without your help and testing we wouldn't have got to a stable version so quickly so thanks again for your help.  I would especially like to thank Len Edgerly at for all of the help and support he gave during this release.  Len has been using the Kindle since 2007 and is an avid reader.  Our first attempts to process Len's 10,917 notes and highlights caused us a few headaches but after Len's  persistent testing and some code reworking we were delighted to be able to process Len's Kindle annotations.  The improvements we made along the way have also made the Chrome Extension faster and more stable for everyone so thanks again Len for your help with this.  Len covered this journey in his recent podcast which can be found here  and starts around the 12:30 minute mark.

Len has been running the Kindle Chronicles podcast since July 2008 and has been kind enough to mention us a few times on his show.  It's one of my favorite podcasts and I like to enjoy it on my Monday morning commute or over a glass of wine in the evening.  I listen to it on the Apple Podcast app (which is superb, if you haven't used it) and the link to the show is here .  Len has a wonderful relaxing style and his podcasts from the beach house help me to unwind from the pace of NYC.

Thanks again everyone and please do check out Len's free podcast if you haven't already done so.

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